Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Cloudy Day at Tenderfoot

It was my first visit to the Tenderfoot plot today. Unfortunately, Abby and Jacob couldn't make it so I ventured out alone. There was no one at the shed when I got there, so a nice lady from the office hailed in the lady on the tractor (and her very cute dog) who came to show me around. It was a cloudy day but perfect weather for planting out new seedlings and not getting a sunburned face!

The place is gorgeous and I had a blissful hour and a half, planting broad beans and pea seeds, and six broccoli seedlings. I normally only grow broad beans in Winter, as a cover crop, and they never get pollinated by the bees as it is too cold so I am very excited to be able to finally eat some we have grown ourselves! The beans and peas will need staking at some point, so they don't flop over in the wind. The newly planted area I had been working on needed to be covered with bird netting, so the birds wouldn't be able to help themselves to my freshly planted seeds. I grabbed a roll of netting from the large bag and took it down to the plot to unroll. It turns out the roll was larger than I anticipated and after unrolling about 30 metres of bird netting for my five metre patch, I decided I better try and find a smaller roll!

The plot is managed on a strict rotation system, with each plot divided into six sections, and information provided on what to plant in each, and when. This is such a fabulous opportunity for non-gardeners to discover the joy of growing your own food, in a very well-informed and well-managed way. I am very excited about what is to come for the Tenderfoot plot!

I took a few photos for the archives too. Soon this plot will be full of plants!

Note to self: bring gloves next time!

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  1. Fantastic :-) We love the photos. I'm sorry Heidi and I couldn't make it today, we plan to go again on Friday. You got so much done!