Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sun and more sun

Zoe and I visited Tenderfoot early on Wednesday morning- due to what felt like a huge effort to get ready in the morning, we managed to get there by 9am! Hooray! We (I) planted some more bush beans, scarlet runner beans, some coriander seedlings and some more of the edible flowers (I forget what kind of flower they are). Oh, and more sweetcorn in the remaining free space. We gave the garden a bit of water as well. We harvested one big, beautiful lettuce which so far has been made into 3 salads and is still going strong, and some mizuna. And, as you can see below, we harvested tons of big, red, slug-chewed radishes- lots more where those came from! Yum yum!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sun, Frost-bite and Tomatoes

Today Zoe and I attended the co-ordinator's meeting, and then did a bit of gardening afterwards. It was a lovely warm, sunny day. Our plot is looking good, although the slugs continue to be noticeable and I think some of our plants could use more water. Lettuces are ready to harvest! Maybe some radishes too...?

There were some lovely looking tomato seedlings, so I planted some in section 2 along with two kamo-kamo plants (kamo-kamo is a kind of pumpkiny-squash). PLEASE WATER THEM when you visit! They will need lots of water while they're so little.

There was a frost over the weekend, and our potatoes got hit hard! Jen says that they will recover. Here is a photo of the frost-bitten potatoes:

Sweetcorn has germinated in Section 4. Let's plant more! We can keep planting it until the end of this month, but after that it will be too late (according to Jen).

Last week (in the session with Abby and Heid
i, which we haven't blogged about -sorry!), I made some little paths in the garden and marked them with blue string and bamboo. Please try to keep to these paths and/or just garden from the sides. The less we walk on our beds, the better for the plants.

I also planted Japanese onions ('Ishikuro' and 'Red Beard'), feel free to give these a water if you're visiting. They should germinate in a week or two. Oh, and last time I planted beans. You'll see the little (budget) labels on these newly planted areas.