Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday 16th Jan

This afternoon Zoe and I paid a visit to the plot. It was looking a bit sad and empty! We added a wheelbarrow full of compost to some of the bare areas, then covered them back over with mulch. The corn got a bit of compost too, and some more seaweed fertilizer as it is still looking really yellowy. More nitrogen required I think- any organic ideas anyone?
We harvested a lettuce and some wee broccolis. A woman at the garden told me to harvest the garlic, and I took her advice. I'm glad I did- while cleaning and braiding it at home this evening, I found that quite a few of the plants were starting to flower. So we would have lost the bulbs if we'd left them in the ground much longer. It's hanging in a cupboard at my house, drying- you girls are welcome to take it all as I already have lots of garlic from Matt! Let me know if you want to come pick it up.
Cheers, Alex